The Third Day is an industrial, open format venue available for events and hire. Located in North Melbourne, The Third Day is a 1,000 sq metre expansive events space with an enormous sense of character.

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Monday 11am – 12am
Tuesday 11am – 12am
Wednesday 11am – 12am
Thursday 11am – 12am
Friday 11am – 1am
Saturday 12pm – 1am
Sunday 9am – 11pm

Are you looking to run a unique dance party/event?  Look no further than The Third Day!

Whether for a weekly club night or ticketed event, we have got you covered from bump in to bump out! 

Our newly renovated 1920s Victorian warehouse is the ultimate space for your event. 

A hidden gem in the heart of North Melbourne, our 800 sq meter open format space is completely malleable and ready to compliment a multitude of configurations depending on the nature of your event.  
Boasting Australia’s largest DJ booth, two bars,  two smoking sections (one licensed), and a two level dance platform podium – there isn’t an element surrendered to the mundane throughout the entire complex. 

An altogether urban-chic aesthetic, the exposed brick contrasts against the plushness and greenery of the hanging garden installations from the ceiling and walls, while the outside sections boast graffiti from one of Australia’s (and the world’s) most quintessential street and metaverse artists. 

Photography and a stunning flower media wall are available for use to boost social media assets, while the comfort of the couches in sectioned off & elevated areas serves as the perfect VIP or roped-off artist section. 


Social Day Club (Boxing Day – Day Party)
290 Macaulay Road, North Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
Thick as Thieves and Eat The Beat present. RORY MARSHALL + More
290 Macaulay Road, North Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
Sunshine and Disco Faith Choir present ‘WTTD’ Record Launch Party
290 Macaulay Road, North Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
Gold Haus – Warehaus Day Party
290 Macaulay Road, North Melbourne, Victoria, Australia


  • Exclusive use of the entire venue
  • On-site venue manager, for the duration of your event
  • All staff costs, including security fees
  • 2-hour bump in and bump out
  • Free use of on-site audio and basic lighting equipment
  • Free use of all on-site furniture
  • Venue clean and rubbish removal

Want to add a carnival/festival element to your event?

Lighting rigs, staging, security and more are all included in our offerings. With areas for entertainers all available for your clients to connect you with, all bases are covered to create a world within a world for your punters to truly lose themselves in the atmosphere.

Having played host to some of Melbourne’s most iconic dance events, label parties, and rave revelers, The Third Day’s 700 person capacity is your ace in the hole for setting the bar high and making your dance party a roaring success.

Your exclusive use of the entire venue comes with all staff costs, two fully licensed bars, free use of all on-site furniture, free use of on-site audio and basic lighting equipment, venue clean and rubbish removal and a two hour window for bump in and bump out.

Send us a message in the contact box to the right and let’s start planning your unforgettable event! 

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